Disabled Guests

We welcome disabled guests.  

Our hostel is serviced by a large lift that can easily accommodate a mechanised or hand pushed wheel chair.  

The disabled bathroom is located on the ground floor and we are happy to provide exclusive use of this room during your stay.

The hostel was constructed in 1894 so it has very wide corridors and doors that would make your movement comfortable.

If we can assist you in any other way, please do not hesitate to advise reception and we will do everything possible to assist your stay ie prioritising you the bottom bunk etc.



No Alcohol in Rooms or Common Areas

We are a no alcohol hostel except in our licensed cafe & bar.

We do not wish to accommodate guests whose preference is for parties and rowdy behaviour.

Please see our Terms and Conditions which advise we will evict you if you are found drinking.

We are not a party hostel and prefer quieter guests.